Physiotherapy As a form of healing and treatment, Physiotherapy focuses on addressing underlying issues and treat them through varied techniques. While the discipline focuses on restoration of mobility and pain relief, its benefits run deeper to cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological health. We are a facility approved by multiple [...]

Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy Massage Therapy is a clinical offering to relieve conditions in joints or soft tissue of the body. It does not just provide pain relief but improves overall physical function. At King’s Physio we offer registered massage therapy, from which you can seek relief from chronic pains [...]

Custom Orthotics


Custom Orthotics For people suffering from foot conditions or pain in hip or lower back, custom orthotics can prove to be extremely beneficial. Our experts provide custom orthotics for the foot by doing a thorough assessment of the condition for every patient. Getting the right orthotics can help [...]

Custom Braces


Custom Braces Custom braces are designed to help recovery from ligament instability, sport injuries and arthritic pain. Our experts take on the assessment and fitting process, making sure the brace fits the area of injury accurately to enable effective healing.   OPENING HOURS Mon, Wed, [...]

Compression Stockings


Compression Stockings Compression stockings or socks help the healing process by providing the right amount of pressure to increase the blood flow in your veins. The right compression socks can prevent conditions like varicose veins, venous insufficiency and reduce pain and swelling in the legs. Our experts make [...]

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